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Ladies C8 Ring

C8 Corvette Ladies Ring

C8 Corvette pandora charm

C8 Corvette pandora charm

C8 Corvette Heart Bracelet

C8 Corvette Heart Bracelet

Ladies C8 Corvette CZ Ring

Ladies C8 CZ Ring

C8 Corvette Money Clip

C8 Corvette Money Clip

C7 Corvette dog tag

C7 Corvette Dog Tag

Hello from KIM’S GOLD DUST, General Motor’s Licensee for Corvette, Camaro & Chevy Bowtie jewelry and Ford Licensee for Mustang jewelry.   If you are reading this for the first time, Welcome!

Do not forget KIM’S GOLD DUST is OPEN 24/7!   One-Stop Shopping for the perfect Gift!       NO MASKS NEEDED  *  NO SOCIAL DISTANCING  *  CONTACTLESS PAYMENT!

KIM’S GOLD DUST would like to wish you and your family a very Blessed Happy Thanksgiving!   We have much to be thankful for.   Last year at this time, my mom broke her wrist.   With all the struggles and therapy sessions and healing, it took over four months for her to get back to some normalcy and regain strength back in her wrist and fingers.   Today her wrist gives her some pain in certain positions but she’s thankful that she can do most all her chores and can type, etc.   Since my mom was an arm/hand down last year, I had all the shipping and packing to do myself throughout the holidays and Valentine’s Day sales too.   She supervised me in how to do it and I think she rather enjoyed that part…maybe too much.  Ha, ha.   I am grateful that she has her job back and will be a big help for the upcoming busy season or at least I hope it’s busy for us.   Mom really does love to help me whenever and wherever she can.   Personally, I am grateful that I have her and that our health is good.  I’m also grateful that I have a job that I absolutely love and find much joy in giving other folks joy in giving and receiving their jewelry treasures.

Also a shout out to Toni and Carolyn for their help throughout the year.  Some of Toni’s responsibilities is enameling, Instagram posts, designing new bead jewelry, booth upgrades and maintenance and numerous other tasks.  It truly is a team effort.   I am grateful for great friends willing to jump in and get the job done!

This holiday season, we have different circumstances that we’re dealing with.  Please understand that our casting and finishing staff are not all back to work due to COVID-19 restrictions.  So, if an item is out of stock, it is taking three to six weeks to complete in most instances.  The stainless and titanium pieces are taking less time for completion, usually two weeks.  With that being said, it is not too early to begin your holiday shopping with us.  We strive to get all orders filled in time for gift-giving.  But there can be exceptions, especially this year.

Do not forget, NOW you can also add your items to your WISHLIST on our website.  AND you can share that WISHLIST with your friends and relatives through social media.  This helps the giver get the right item and benefits you by receiving the perfect gift!

Call to Action, PLEASE

A company’s trustworthiness is a fundamental key to its success, but in the jewelry business, it is part and parcel of its very identity.  Of course, that trustworthiness is the product of good customer relations and rapport, but when it comes to social proof for possible new customers – the next best thing to word of mouth are consumer reviews and testimonials.   Thanks to all who have helped KIM’S GOLD DUST by providing their reviews and testimonials.  May I please ask you for a favor to help possible new customers who are not familiar with KIM’S GOLD DUST?  Would you be willing to write a review/testimonial for us?   Boosting a reputation is worth its weight in gold!   It can just be a sentence or even a statement; nothing elaborate or lengthy is required.   Thanks in advance.  It is greatly appreciated.

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What’s New in the World of Corvette Jewelry?

Ladies, we have a new gemstone C8 Corvette ring.   It comes with enameled emblem (red, black and yellow).   The sterling silver ring has a total of six cubic zirconia stones; three on each side of the emblem to make a bling statement!  It can be customized with simulated stones in colors such as red, blue, orange, black, etc. instead of using the clear cubic zirconia stones.    The gold ring will use genuine stones.

For those Ladies adding charms to their Pandora-style bracelets, check out the sterling silver C8 dangle bead that we think will make a charming addition to your collection.  You may also want to check out a couple styles that are being discontinued.

For the Men, we have a new black stainless C8 gesture and signature money clip.  It has a sleek design.  An offering that is quite different than most.

KIM’S GOLD DUST is starting on new projects for Spring 2021.   We will soon have the ladies C5 emblem open style ring available.   We are also working on a couple new Ladies’ pendants that we think you’re really going to love.   Sorry, not giving out any hints for now as we’re still in the designing stage.  But trust me, you’re gonna love them.

We Have Added Something New For You

KIM’S GOLD DUST is proud to offer luxury Jewelry Chests, Collector Cases, Memorial Boxes, Watch Cases, Watch Box Winders and Music Boxes.   While we take every effort to offer the best automotive jewelry on the market, why not have a luxury chest to store your treasures?    These boxes are sold online only as we do not keep any inventory.   We are a distributor/reseller for these products.

In addition, we are proud to offer the Contemporary Metals Collection of Chisel® jewelry for men and women.   Now you can browse a catalog for bracelets, earrings, necklaces, chains, watches and accessories.  This jewelry is sold through a virtual catalog only.  KIM’S GOLD DUST is a distributor/reseller for these products.

Custom Jewelry and You

Ever wish YOU had a piece of jewelry made just the way YOU wanted it?    KIM’S GOLD DUST can help you from design to manufacturing with custom car jewelry, business and club logo jewelry, engagement and wedding jewelry, a one-of-a-kind ring, specialty anniversary piece and a variety of other personal possibilities.  We would love to make custom jewelry that exceeds your expectations in design, functionality and beauty.  Work on a custom order is done in a state-of-the-art facility where old-world craftsmanship meets modern innovation.

The process of having custom designed jewelry made can be one of the most rewarding and meaningful experiences you can have.  It can also be intimidating.  The risk of having something made that you would not love can make you apprehensive to follow through with the endeavor.  Where to start can be daunting. KIM’S GOLD DUST can help take the guesswork out of the process.  The facility uses the power of technology with digital images and 3D printing to show you what your piece will look like before the manufacturing begins.  So take that first step, contact us now and we’ll get the wheels turning for you!

GARAGE SALE CLEARANCE * – Everyone loves a deal, right?!  Discover rock bottom prices on discontinued Chevy Bowtie and Corvette jewelry – bracelets, rings, earrings, Corvette Racing and more.  Many styles available.  These amazing items will soon be gone.  Do not miss out!

Show Schedule

We have part of next year’s schedule planned online.   Let’s hope we can get back to some type of normalcy in 2021.  In the meantime:   Stay safe.  Be healthy.  Save the wave.

Out of the Gold Dust Fun Facts

First Corvette over $20,000?    With a base price of $22,537.59, the 1982 Collector Edition Corvette became the first Corvette with an MSRP higher than $20,000. Incredibly, when the C4 Corvette debuted two years later, it cost less than the CE with base price of $21,800.

Be safe.  Stay healthy.  Save the wave.   Happy Thanksgiving!  

KIM and the GOLD DUST TEAM (Jane, Carolyn and Toni)

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