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K104 Miniature Corvette Emblems

$16 22.00

Introducing our exquisite collection of Miniature Corvette Emblems! Crafted with precision and love, these sterling silver charms are the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. Designed exclusively for glass lockets, these treasures can easily complement any outfit or occasion. Choose from a range of iconic emblems including C7 Stingray, C6 emblem, C3 late emblem, and C2 emblem. Limited supply available, so grab yours before they're all gone!


Choose your emblem below.  Emblems include C7 Stingray, C6 emblem, C3 late emblem and C2 emblem.  


SKU : K104

CATEGORIES : C7 Corvette Accessories, C6 Corvette Pendants, C2 Corvette Pendants, Last Chance, C8 Corvette Accessories, C6 Corvette Accessories, C7 Corvette Pendants, C3 Corvette Pendants

TAGS : C2 Corvette Emblem, C6 Corvette Emblem, C7 Corvette Emblem, Miniature Sterling Corvette Emblem, Sterling Corvette

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