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K309-SS C7 Corvette Drive It Pendant


Calling all Corvette queens! Buckle up and get ready for the ultimate pendant designed just for you. Introducing the C7 Corvette Drive It Pendant that packs a punch! This pendant is your badge of honor, displaying your undeniable ownership and unmatched driving skills. Whether you're exploring the scenic countryside or tearing up the racetrack, wear this pendant with pride and let it do the talking. The emblem, featuring a bold combination of red, black, and yellow enamel, symbolizes the fearless spirit of the Corvette and the one driving it. Crafted with sterling silver and an antique finish, this pendant measures a compact 1" wide by 1-1/2" long. Buckle up and seize the opportunity to express your Corvette love in style!  Chains are available.

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SKU : K309-SS

CATEGORIES : C7 Corvette Pendants, C7 [14-19]

TAGS : C7 Corvette Emblem Pendant, C7 Corvette Jewelry, C7 Corvette Pendant, Sterling C7 Pendant, Sterling Corvette Pendant

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