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K330-C8R C8 Corvette Racing Bracelet - up to 8.5"


Introducing the ultimate arm candy for racing enthusiasts – the Next Generation C8 Corvette Racing Magnetic Bracelet! Crafted from sleek black mesh stainless steel, this bad boy packs a punch with its edgy and stylish design. With a generous width of 21mm, it's a bold statement piece that screams speed and passion. Not only does it fit wrists up to 8.5″, but it also effortlessly slides over your wrist, giving you that perfect fit in a snap. Whether you're a seasoned race car driver or just a fan of the roaring engines, this bracelet from our automotive jewelry collection will rev up your style game to the max!

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SKU : K330-C8R

CATEGORIES : C8 Corvette Ladies Bracelets, C8 Corvette Mens Bracelets, C8 Corvette Racing, C8 [20-24]

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