Corvette Pendants

Welcome to KIM’S GOLD DUST Corvette Pendants Catalog page.  We offer a variety of fine men’s and ladies’ Corvette pendants and necklaces for all Corvette generations.  Our jewelry is designed and crafted at state-of-the-art facilities where modern technology and old-world craftsmanship are brought together to provide the highest quality product.

KIM’S GOLD DUST can now offer you a variety of pieces in Rose Gold.  All items that are shown in 14k Yellow Gold, can be cast in 14k White Gold or 14k Rose Gold.  One of Rose Gold’s aspects is its underlying meaning. White Gold represents Friendship.   Yellow Gold means Fidelity.  Rose Gold represents Love.

While you take pride and time in choosing your charm, we take pride in the quality of the chain you might like for your cherished charm.  You would find these chains in upscale jewelry stores, and we are pleased to make them available to you.  We carry a variety of chains to compliment your new piece of Corvette jewelry.   Chains are sold separately.

Corvette and Chevrolet emblems are General Motors Trademarks and used under license to KIM’S GOLD DUST.”


C8 / 2020 to 2023
C7 / 2014 to 2019
C6 / 2005 to 2013
C5 / 1997 to 2004

C4 / 1984 to 1996
C3 / 1968 to 1982
C2 / 1963 to 1967
C1 / 1953 to 1962

C8 Corvette Pendants

C7 Corvette Pendant

C7 Corvette Pendants

C6 Corvette Pendant

C6 Corvette Pendants

C5 Corvette Rearview Pendant

C5 Corvette Pendants

C4 Corvette Pendant

C4 Corvette Pendants

C3 Corvette pendant

C3 Corvette Pendants

Corvette Sting Ray Pendant

C2 Corvette Pendants

Corvette Sting Ray Pendant

C1 Corvette Pendants