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K439 Chevrolet Bowtie Flip Flop Earrings

$180.00 – $700.00

Upgrade your Chevrolet Style with these Adorable Chevrolet Bowtie Flip Flop Earrings!

Are you a proud owner of a Chevrolet?  Now you can enhance your love for this iconic vehicle with our Chevrolet Bowtie Flip Flop Earrings!  These earrings are designed to be the cutest accessory to match your car or your favorite color.  Available in sterling silver or 14k gold, each earring features the Bowtie emblem on the heel and the Chevrolet signature on the sides, adding an extra touch of flair.  With color options like red, black, blue, white, orange and yellow, you can closely match your Chevrolet's color or simply choose your preferred hue. If you prefer a different color or metal, feel free to reach out to us. These lightweight earrings dangle 1-1/2" down, completing your fashionable Chevrolet-inspired look.  Get ready to turn heads and show off your Chevrolet style in the most delightful way!


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SKU : K439

CATEGORIES : New For 2024, Camaro Earrings, Chevy Bowtie Earrings, New Bowtie Items

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