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K274 Corvette Pet ID Tag


So your Pet had you at WOOF and now he/she can be permanently part of the Corvette family too!  (especially if he or she is one who comes to the Corvette shows)   This Corvette Pet ID Tag is made of stainless steel.   The biscuit-shaped tag has it all!   Each tag will have the Pet’s name and Owner’s phone number (obscured in photo for security purposes).  In case your pet gets lost, this tag will also tell the finder if your pet is chipped or not.   Your pet will also be decked out with your choice of Corvette emblem.   The marking on these tags is permanent and won’t wear off.

Please send a separate e-mail with the Pet’s Name and Owner’s Phone Number.   The photo example shown sports the C7 Emblem, Pet’s name is Sadie and is CHIPPED.  Phone number will be shown at the bottom of the tag.

The tag comes in three sizes:  Small is 1″ long, Medium is 1-1/2″ long and the Large is 2″ long.

Please choose Size, Chipped (Yes or No) and Corvette Emblem choice below.

Remember, send e-mail with Pet’s Name and Owner’s Phone Number after placing your order.    Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of this custom item.


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