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K392 C8 Corvette Steering Wheel Bracelet 7-8″


Brace yourself for the ultimate automotive accessory - the C8 Corvette steering wheel bracelet! Crafted from sterling silver and adorned with black leather cording, this bracelet pays homage to the symbol of automobile passion - the steering wheel. It might not have been the first thing that came to mind, but it is the most widely used part of the Corvette that gets constant contact when on the road.  Designed for Corvette lovers like yourself, it is adjustable from 7" to 8" and features a lobster clasp for a secure fit. Guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go, this unique piece proudly exclaims, "Our passion for Corvette inspires our creation."

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SKU : K392

CATEGORIES : C8 Corvette Ladies Bracelets, C8 [20-24]

TAGS : C8, C8 Corvette, C8 Corvette Bracelet, C8 Ladies, Corvette Bracelets, Corvette Signature, Ladies' Bracelets

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